Alexa LaVersa, Reporting From Greece

Dispatches from a Northeastern University journalism student abroad

About Me


I am a third-year student at Northeastern University, pursuing a combined journalism and media screen studies major. I’ve always loved performing ever since I was little and I’ve also loved reading and writing. Recently I’ve been working with NUTV, Northeastern University’s on-campus news show, as both a corresponding reporter, an anchor, and in some behind-the-camera work. Journalism, and particularly broadcast media, has become my way of combining my two passions, while also fulfilling my desire to travel. Outside of journalism, I enjoy dancing and spending time with my friends. I am looking forward to immersing myself fully in Greek language and culture. My dream is to one day travel the world and report on what I see and experience, and the people I meet. I hope Greece is the first of many opportunities to work abroad, and I look forward to meeting and working with fellow student journalists.