Sitting in the airport at my gate waiting to go to London, it’s hard to believe that the dialogue is over.

In the months of planning and preparing and organizing, I had thought that the five weeks would feel very long. I had worried that for the first time in my life, I might actually get homesick. I even worried I wouldn’t become friends with anyone else, and that the group overall would feel very divided.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The five weeks raced by, especially as it got down to the last week. I remember unpacking in Thessaloniki and thinking that the weeks stretching ahead of me would be fun but that I’d probably get bored with Greece after three weeks. I definitely did not anticipate being as upset as I am to be leaving the group of people I’ve met, and already feeling the separation anxiety after being apart for two hours.

Carlene goes above and beyond to plan and prepare her dialogue each year, and it clearly shows. While so many parts of the dialogue were absolutely magical – walking the streets of Thessaloniki and the boardwalk by night, visiting Meteora, going to an island beach for a day, and exploring ancient areas of Athens – I think part of what made this dialogue so special was the people I was sharing it with.

I can think of at least a few moments I shared or conversations I had with each person on the dialogue, and I’m really happy our group was so interested in spending time together. Each person is different, and brought something to the overall group dynamic. And even though many people are going their separate ways, some graduating, some travelling across the globe, I hope that we all can stay in each other’s lives and I can’t wait to spend time with people this summer, fall and next spring when we’re in Boston. From lunches and dinners, going out at night, or groups just hanging out in someone’s room to chill and listen to music (and sometimes even get work done), I enjoyed my time with everyone. Thank you all.


I really hate goodbyes, so luckily the arrival to the airport was quick hugs, and I’ll see you all soon. Like we used to say at my summer camp, “this is goodnight, and not goodbye.”