I decided to go back to one of my favorite places in Athens. The Plaka neighborhood is incredibly quaint and beautiful, being more of a traditional and historic area than the rest of downtown. I’ve had the opportunity to wander the streets and have dinner there. Many tourists who come to Athens would know the area, because it is at the foot of the Acropolis and filled with lots of temples and important landmarks that visitors to the city seek out.

6.10.17 1.jpg
The street where I ate dinner

The other day, when I was at the Acropolis, I looked out and saw a weird rock, on which a lot of people were taking photos. The rock was surrounded by trees, and it looked to me as if there was a way to walk over to it on the Acropolis, but I didn’t have time that day.

I wanted to go into the beautiful streets of Plaka for my stroll, and I started walking from the subway on the cobbled street, looking at other tourists passing me, and small shops and artisans and restaurants. My plan was to walk around the Acropolis, because it’s all fenced off for the museum. However, I noticed a path through some trees. Obviously, I had to explore.

What I found was something only a very informed visitor to the area would have noticed, which is a beautiful pathway through a park, leading up to one entrance of the Acropolis park that I wasn’t aware existed, and in the opposite direction the big rock which people were again climbing all over.
I decided that I, too, would climb up and see the view. Here’s what I could see:

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I think my draw to the Acropolis and the Plaka neighborhood comes from my love of the ancient and historical Athens. The modern areas of the city feel much like many modern cities that I’ve been to, such as Rome or Florence. This district is filled with historical monuments, and purposely tries to give the feel of being in a quintessential Greek town. I also like it because I every time I walk through the area, I noticed something new or something beautiful, and today it was a park, a rock and this spectacular view.