On Saturday, we went to the Onassis Cultural Center to see an exhibition called Tomorrows. On the top floor, there was another exhibit called “Breaking News – Athens” by Michael Landy. The work inside was all based on images, text and drawings that Athenians found or produced, and then provided to Landy.

I found the exhibition itself to be very interesting, and I liked that it attempted to tell the story of Greece and Athens using the “voices” of Athenians. Some of the signs or sayings were also things I recognized from other places, such as protests in America or news headlines.

I particularly liked one room that was discussing Grexit – Greece potentially leaving the EU – and noticed in many spots throughout the rooms and halls the mention of Germany and Merkel, anti-EU sentiments, and national pride. I thought these sentiments seemed fitting in a country struggling financially and trying to navigate complex global politics, especially that after so many years without significant improvement, citizens would be starting to grow weary.