We went on a walking tour of the markets in the center of Downtown Thessaloniki on Tuesday. During the walk, I stopped and got fresh granola, with lots of dried fruits.

Granola – I also got almonds and another one (but I ate that one before I took a pic)

After the walk, Hsiang-Yu and I went and got some food at a restaurant owned by a husband and wife who cook everything themselves. The man was very nice, and was incredibly surprised how much the two of us were able to eat.

They only speak Greek, so I’m not 100% sure what we ate, but here goes:

5.23.17 2.jpg
Green Salad with Fruits
some type of cheese
5.23.17 3.jpg
Two Whole Squids
5.23.17 5.jpg
A Fish – Hsiang-Yu showed me how to properly eat a fish to not get any bones!
5.23.17 4.jpg
Shrimp? Prawns? Something that just looks like it? Delicious either way
5.23.17 6.jpg
Dessert the 1st Time we went

After that 1st delicious meal on Tuesday, Hsiang-Yu and I went again today, this time with Suma, Gwen and Cody. We ordered all the same stuff (mostly through pictures) as well as a risotto I lost the photo of, and some zucchini balls with taziki. Zucchini balls / zucchini fritters are always good, and are interesting because they’re very similar to tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters) so sometimes they have tomato in them too.

Each time, they gave us traditional Greek desserts (I think it was kantifi, and halvas cake). At other places we’ve also tried baklavas and revani too.

Dessert the 2nd visit

I also ate a bowl of steamed mussels, different traditional bean dishes (which photograph horribly), dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), feta served every way, as well as hallumi cheese, saganaki and some that starts with an M, and another day had a seafood risotto. I’ve also been stopping into shops and bakeries since day 1, where I’ve tried spanakopita, bougatsa (pastry willed sweet cream), triopita, something called easter bread (essentially all chocolate), and other yummy yummy treats.

Before Our Trip, I found this article, among others. I’m proud to say I’ve been able to try almost everything, and this explains what some of these foods are if you’re interested. http://bucketlistjourney.net/2016/06/traditional-greek-foods-you-must-eat-in-greece/

My goal of eating my way across the Greek cuisine is well under way. It started slow, as I was only branching into zucchini-fritter gyros, so I’m glad I’ve found some good seafood while I’m still in Thessaloniki.