On Friday Suma and I had the opportunity to go to Anel Honey Park, a local honeybee educational park that also controls over 2,000 off-site hives, sells honey products and beekeeping supplies.

When I pitched the article idea, with my notes starting off “So, bees are dying at an alarming rate…” like many memes I’ve seen, I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be.

Example of a meme. Clearly, he is distraught over the bees, and it’s consuming all his attention.

But I was really happy people thought it was a cool idea, and then interviewing people at the honey park I was truly assured this was a real story creating real concerns for Greek people and globally.

The park itself was so cool, and it had so many plants (for the bees) and other animals too as a reminder that without bees there are no plants, meaning no food for animals, and so no meat for humans.

My favorite part of the visit was when we got a special tour of the few on-site bee colonies. They’re kept further from the cute tour part for the safety of the guests because there would just be WAY too many bees if they were closer. We went over to where the huge boxes that house the hives were, and Suma and I were in our big protective beekeeper outfits.

I’m hungrily looking at the honey I just scooped out of this hive with all my little bee friends around me!! I love wearing that bee outfit, I felt like an astronaut // Photo by Suma

Each hive had hundreds of bees, and they were all over the slats of hive that Kostas, the head beekeeper, was showing to us. He pointed out one hive’s queen too. She had a big belly and just crawled around laying eggs and being fed and cleaned by the other bees.

If you had told me even a few months ago that I would happily skip into a literal swarm of probably over a million bees and calmly stand there with them buzzing all around me and look at the and their hive, I would have told you it’d never happen. If there was anything Winnie the Pooh taught me was that bees are scary and you need to steal their “hunny” when they aren’t home!!

Winnie the Pooh is always hungry for “hunny.” I personally identify with his constant search for food.

But Greece is a place where I see endless adventures and new opportunities.