It was a long 24+ hours of travel and layovers, but we have arrived in one piece and are ready to start exploring the city. I actually enjoyed our layover in the Frankfurt airport, as the group was getting food and talking, it was nice to get to know some of the people on the trip I had previously not had a chance to talk to.

Here I am waiting for our first leg out of Boston

We are staying in apartments owned by ACT, and I like my room and the comfort it allows to make our own food if we wanted. Some of the teachers and our RA Christine showed us around the neighborhood immediately around us, so if we need anything like food or converters there’s a few stores around.

I’m not adjusting as well as I hoped to the time difference (it’s almost 4am as I write this, and I’ve been wide-awake since 2am), but I’m hoping I’ll adjust better over the next few days.

Last night we had pizza as a group for dinner, and I was surprised how good it was. I don’t know if I should have been surprised or not, but I was. The cheese was a bit different than mozzarella we have at home, and I want to describe it as almost a bit coarser, but it was shredded finely over the margarita pizza I had and was quite delicious. We also had a small piece of walnut cake with honey for dessert, which I felt was a nice introduction to Greek desserts. Professor Hempel also had a special gum she gave us pieces to try, made from the sap of a tree that only grows on one of the island. It tasted like pine trees and mint.

Today (once the sun rises) we are going to go on a walking tour of Thessoliniki, which I’m very excited about. I want to explore every inch of the city while I’m here, so having a guided tour from one of our hosts of the main attractions is a nice way to ease into our trip and get acclimated to the city.

And if my parents are wondering, I’ll be wearing my sunscreen!!