This is my first blog post, all about getting ready to go to Greece. I’m pretty nervous, because I’ve never lived abroad before, so this will be a new experience. I’m hoping it’ll be an adventure.

I’m incredibly concerned about being unfamiliar with the cities we’re going to be staying in, and also not knowing the language and not being able to read the street signs. I’m also concerned because I’ll be there for such an extended amount of time that I don’t want to run out of anything I need if I don’t bring enough, or if I don’t bring things that I don’t realize I need until I’m there.

I tend to over-pack. When I had to clear up my room from the end of the semester, it took me an entire day and I still hadn’t gotten it all packed because I’m kind of a hoarder. I like to have my stuff with me, and only taking a little bit of it and not having all my clothes with me is honestly stressful.

What if I want to wear something and I didn’t bring it? What if I don’t want to wear the things I did bring?

I’ve been massively over-preparing for the trip: registering myself with the State Department’s travel program, getting traveller’s insurance, and organizing clothes and electronics to go. I’m trying to be super prepared, because I’m always the person that something bad happens to. I know my parents are worried about it too, in the back of their minds. I’ve been to the hospital a bunch of times for freak accidents like concussions or broken bones. I’ll trip and break an ankle, or get a stomach bug and accidentally dehydrate, or have vertigo climbing up to a monument and faint.

I hope there’s going to be Wi-Fi so I can talk to people at home and stream music. I’m planning on starting an online yoga class while I’m away too. I hope nothing happens to my laptop during the trip, and that I’ll be able to plug it in and my charger will work, and that I bring enough converter things for all the electronics.

I’m so excited and feel so lucky to be going on this trip, and I know that’s why I’m worrying and over-preparing, to ensure that everything I actually have control over is going to be great, because I know the rest of the trip will be great too.

All my friends will be coming back from school, and I know that they’ll be getting jobs and internships for the summer. It’ll be my first summer to not be home and spending the summer with my friends and working. It’s weird to just put my whole life on hold to pick up and leave. I’ll be globetrotting around in Greece for half the summer, taking cute pictures and experiencing the culture and writing some cool stories about life there, which is a pretty once-in-a-lifetime experience.